Check Please After Dinner Sushi Sashimi


Check Please Tustanca


Check Please


When it comes to your credit score, can you check please to make sure you’re credit is stable?

If you think why you would need a reminder to CHECK PLEASE.  We can say that reminders are what living is about.  The more you can have systems that are in place to work on your behalf, and that help facilitate processes that improve your awareness about what your ability allows you to buy, trade, etc, then you know in the back of your mind what you can tap into or if you are unable to, and you want it badly for a specific purpose, you know exactly what steps you need to take in order to achieve the end result.

Pay Bills – Check Please

After the lunch was complete, we said, “Check Please”.  Ofcourse, without a doubt, this is a default understanding, that once you’re done with your meal, you ask for the check by saying “Check Please”, and the waiter already understands what you’re talking about.  It’s an industry understanding.  The concept is to allow you to close your transaction so that you can exit the premises and proceed on with your life.  When it comes to paying your bills, you definitely need to CHECK PLEASE so you satisfy any potential mis-alignment between your understanding of what you’ve committed, expense-wise, and what actually is being billed to you.

Check Please!!!

Check Please!!! After our food service was done, we are ready to proceed out to the next destination.  An industry hand gesture implies exactly what is known, “Check Please”.  You can use this to get the check so you can pay the bill, and won’t have to say a word.  The fingers shaped like a “C” means “Check Please”.

Check Please if we have any okra

Need to make sure we don’t have any food to waste from last night. You need to Check Please!

After flushing the toilet.

Check Please to make sure you didn’t leave anything in the toilet for the next person to see.  Do you realize how important people live daily, and forget to CHECK PLEASE.  It’s something that you want to do so you don’t leave any mess behind in the toilet.  This is an every day common courtesy for the next user of that toilet.

After that Coconut Shrimp with chutney

Check Please to see if that Coconut Shrimp with Chutney actually was worth the calories you ingested.  Think about the fried, cholesterol little critter that is being munched away by a sea-food enthusiast.  That the little creature has some coconut coated and you will be eating it, if you like sea-food, so you need to Check Please before you eat it.

Check Please!

When you have home made pizza cooking in the oven and don’t want to burn it. Check Please!!!